Daniel woke up from a nap this afternoon whilst I was half way through eating a pear. I sat him on my lap, facing outwards, and carried on with browsing the internet (bad mummy!) He took this opportunity to take the pear from my hand and start eating it himself! It was such a lovely feeling, that he just liked the look of it and helped himself. (I’ve learned from the BLW forum that this is called “fruit-mugging”) He did really well with it too. It was a conference pear, perfectly ripe, and I’d eaten the rounded end, so he took the pointy end upside down and proceeded to eat it as if it was a cornetto! He was also helped by the fact that he now has the beginnings of an incisor – we just noticed today!

The last couple of days have been very positive all round. Last night he lapped up some soup (carrot, lentil and ginger), which was thick enough to offer on loaded spoons and dipped ricecakes. We also had some avocado on the go and discovered that a good technique was to put some avocado on the spoon first as the soup seemed to cling to this better than directly onto the plastic. There was surprisingly little mess from this meal too!

For breakfast today I made some ‘simple scones’ from the BLW cookbook. Scones are just about my favourite food so I was particularly excited to introduce Daniel to his first version. Although they contain no salt or sugar, they weren’t as bland as you might expect. However, they were pretty dense and it took ages for Daniel to get his soggy enough to start gumming some pieces off. I might try halving one and dipping the crumb sides in some expressed milk tomorrow, to give him a head start.

Tea time tonight went really well. He had roast parsnips again (which he really seems to enjoy the flavour of) and some roasted new potatoes, which worked out much more manageable than when I’d (over)-boiled them a few weeks ago. Roasting seems to be a good method all round, as the crisper skin means the vegetable retains some kind of shape when the baby crushes it or sucks the softer middle out. The first potato he bit into was still a bit too hot inside, which was a shock and caused some (short-lived) grimacing and tears, but he wasn’t put off from trying a second one a few minutes later, and which he appeared to eat nearly all of!

I also offered D some mashed carrot and swede on loaded spoons (Jon and I were also eating it mashed, so it didn’t seem like ‘cheating’!) but he didn’t get very far with these; mostly wrong end in the mouth or pushing the food off with his fist as he grabbed at it. Ah well. I guess not every day can be a spoon day at 5-and-a-half months.

He is certainly enjoying mealtimes and looks expectant as soon as you sit him up in the highchair. The growling and humming is continuing (he’s not alone in this habit, I have discovered from a newly started forum thread!) and he even grins and does a little chufty dance when he’s really enjoying his mouthful of whatever!

Quick poo update – still good evidence that various types of food are being swallowed, and tonight we had the first poo that started to look just a little bit like ‘real poo’.

Off on a road trip this weekend to visit some old school friends, an uncle and an ex-colleague. We have been informed that there will be a roast dinner and a pub lunch involved. Wish us luck…


About babyledweaningyork

Hi! I’m a second time mum embarking once again on Baby-led Weaning. A couple of years ago, I blogged about our experiences introducing our son Daniel to foods with a BLW approach. Now our little Daisy is here, I thought I'd keep a record of how it goes this time around - just for fun!
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