Three more days in…

A few more days to update on. But after this, since we are now well into daily tastes, I’ll try to hold off the general descriptive posts until something really exciting happens! But to bring you up to date…

A couple of days ago, I experienced a prime example of why babies should not eat in a reclined position. Daisy was in her bouncy chair on the floor, whilst I was sitting at the table (so looking down on her from some height) and she had a stick of boiled carrot. A piece of about 1cm cubed broke off the end into her mouth and she started to gag, and from the angle I was sitting at, I could see precisely where it had got stuck at the back of her mouth, beyond the back of her tongue and right at the top of her throat. And I also had a perfect view of just how ineffective her cough/gag mechanism was when she was in such a reclined position – basically trying to work against gravity; it was going nowhere. I sat her upright and within a few seconds she’d gagged it out of her mouth, and she didn’t seem at all distressed. But it was a very clear lesson in why babies should be sitting upright when eating. So, no more snacking in the bouncy chair.

Her next meal was actually whilst sitting in her car seat, but it was propped up on an adult dining chair and wedged very firmly against the table edge, at a safe angle. This was at Rice Style Thai restaurant in York, her first dining out experience! She enjoyed two slices of cucumber, donated from my and her granny’s salad garnishes, and had a tiny piece of roti bread (the first time I’ve learned that there is a Thai version of this, very similar to Indian roti).

The first slice of cucumber held her attention for almost the whole of our meal, reminding me of one of the reasons I love BLW – that you can go out to eat as a family, enjoy your food at the same time as the children and not have to worry about feeding them first, or taking along different food for them. Fair enough, she doesn’t actually need meals at this stage and she isn’t really eating-eating, but it was a nice reminder of the times we ate out with Dan once he was a bit further along, and the fun we have to come. I remember being a bit more self-conscious about eating out (or eating at friends’ and relatives’ houses) with Dan when we were doing BLW first time. This time around, it doesn’t seem all so momentous or such a ‘performance’. I actually had to make a point of saying to myself “Hey, this is Daisy’s first time eating out in a restaurant! Take a photo!

The next day, Daisy had a veritable feast! A bit of my apple during yoga class, some toast at Bill’s restaurant, some satsuma in the park after we’d picked Daniel up from nursery, and some chapatti, potato wedges and Yorkshire pudding at tea time! She seemed to particularly love the Yorkshire pudding (though I got the phone-cam out a bit late; she was losing interest by the time I took this bit of video) and this was her first taste of something containing eggs and cow’s milk.

The piece of toast at Bill’s was a very nice experience. I’d met a friend for a birthday lunch treat (her birthday, my treat) and Daisy slept very conveniently throughout our main course, but was awake and fidgety once we were ordering coffee and desert, so I asked our waitress if she could source us a scrap of bread crust from the kitchen for Daisy, and she came back with half a slice of toast for her on a plate! Bill's toastSo lovely of them – and I highly recommend the restaurant overall. Daisy thoroughly enjoyed her toast, sticking with it for ages and thus enabling my friend and I to thoroughly enjoy our coffee and lemon drizzle cake! Having said the other day that I didn’t feel Daisy eating out was so much of a performance, today it really was, as she was being super cute with her toast munching and attracting the attention of the two couples sitting either side of us, and the waiting staff who were covering our area. Bill’s in York has only been open since yesterday, so at 25 weeks old, I think Daisy might be able to take the title of their youngest ever diner! She also consumed a small piece of bright blue business card after she’d finished with her toast, so I will be looking out for that reappearing in a day or so… IMG_2333

That evening, we tried out the high chair at tea time for the first time and it went remarkably well. We tucked a rolled up towel behind Daisy and she seemed very comfortable, and sat up with us for much longer than I expected her to tolerate it. In fact, she was the last person still dining and I only got her down because she seemed to be losing her focus on the food – she didn’t seem restless about being in the highchair itself, even after a good 20 minutes.

We’ve had visitors staying for the past week so mornings have been a bit hectic, but when things quiet down after tomorrow and there’s time to linger a bit over breakfast prep, I might start offering Daisy some porridge fingers or pancakes after her morning breastfeed…

… and it turned out that today was actually calm enough to get on with it right away. We did the porridge fingers this morning – the recipe worked really well (very simple: 3tbsp breastmilk, 3tbsp porridge oats, mix together, microwave for two minutes, cut while warm, serve cool). Daisy actually had these first thing, before her milk this morning – she is an exceptionally patient baby and doesn’t immediately demand milk on waking if she’s being happily entertained by her dad or her brother. I was finishing my own breakfast when Jon brought her downstairs, and she happily tucked into a porridge finger for several minutes while she waited for her milk. I offered it back to her after her breastfeed, but she wasn’t to bothered about going back to it after that.

Today Daisy also had a bit of pizza crust and sucked on a raw carrot stick at lunchtime, and had some broccoli and a little bit of bread roll at teatime. She was really grabbing out to get a handful of my tuna pasta bake too, but I’d covered it in salt, so that was off limits. The broccoli made an almighty mess, got all stuck in her neck and down her chest, and when she got in the bath with Dan immediately after teatime, he wanted to know why there was ‘grass’ floating in his bathwater!



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Hi! I’m a second time mum embarking once again on Baby-led Weaning. A couple of years ago, I blogged about our experiences introducing our son Daniel to foods with a BLW approach. Now our little Daisy is here, I thought I'd keep a record of how it goes this time around - just for fun!
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