Six months old – all systems go!

Daisy is six months old today, so it’s all systems go! We celebrated her half-year birthday with lunch at Bill’s restaurant again. Daisy enjoyed some sweet potato fries, and some pitta bread dipped in hummus and baba ganoush (posh tastes already, my little girl!) IMG_5676An unexpected bonus was that our meal was on the house! The staff committed my pet hate of taking your order when they’re out of a key ingredient, but just bringing you a substitution without checking first, and then they missed something off Jon’s order too, and when we mentioned this (politely, of course!) they offered to give us the meal for free! So, they remain high in our estimations. The food was all delicious too, even in the absence of my rosemary and seasalt flatbread, and the late arrival of Jon’s streaky bacon for his burger!

This was Daisy’s first restaurant meal in a proper highchair pulled up to the table. She seems so happy now that she can join in mealtimes at eye level with the rest of the family. IMG_5679She’s been sitting up with us for a few days now, and she’s full of smiles and seeking eye contact with us, to show us what she’s got and how pleased she is with it! She’s yet to get bored before we all finish, which is great. (Actually, I remember Dan always being the last one to finish when he was weaning – long after Jon and I were done with our food!) We used a bowl for the first time today too, stuck to the highchair with the sticky mat that Dan used to use – and just like her big brother, Daisy was fascinated by trying to pull the bowl off the mat, to examine what was underneath. She did eventually succeed! IMG_2473

Looking back over the past few days, it appears that we’re already at the stage of three ‘meals’ a day with Daisy. This was slower to get established with Dan, but I think that’s because he was the first, and Jon and I weren’t in the habit of sitting down to three meals a day when he was little. But now we have a toddler, mealtimes are much more regular and structured, so Daisy is getting involved every time. Her breakfasts so far have included polenta pancakes (recipe taken from this book, which I’ve recently discovered) and shredded wheat in breastmilk; lunches and teas have included a tiny omelette, steamed and roasted veg of various types, toast, pitta bread, and some beanburgers also from the book noted above.

I’m trying not to get too carried away with the ‘more laid back this time’ – it’s tempting to let her have a taste of anything that’s going, but I don’t want to overwhelm her tummy when she’s only just getting going, and I’m going to try and hold off the sweet stuff for a bit longer than I did with Dan. I think (having talked to lots of other parents) that it can only be a matter of holding off the inevitable, rather than being able to avoid a toddler sweet tooth if you delay their first taste of the good stuff for long enough! But with Dan, cakes and biscuits became part of his daily experience quite early (because they’re part of mine too!) and I think it’d be good to establish Daisy’s tastes for a variety savoury things a bit more firmly before we get into sugary treats.

I’m also going to stick to just water and milk for longer than I did with Daniel. As a first-timer, I think I was anxious that he wasn’t drinking enough water, so I quite quickly introduced fruit squash (with artificial sweeteners) and then he wouldn’t accept anything else. It’s only been in the past month – under the positive influence of his visiting cousins – that he’s started seeing milk and water as ‘cool’ things to drink! And he’s almost three years old.

I’m sure that Daisy isn’t eating enough yet to be dropping milk feeds in response, but today she did definitely miss a feed, relative to our usual daily pattern. I normally feed her at about 6.30pm, just before we have our tea, so that we can have the meal uninterrupted. But when I went to find her this evening while tea was cooking, she looked so content hanging out with Daniel and Jon in the living room, that I just didn’t offer it, and she was fine. She enjoyed tasting her beanburgers and veg while we had our risotto (yes, I did her something different – as I’ve observed in the past, if you want to have tasty food yourself, it can’t always be a case of ‘they just eat what you eat’!) and wasn’t desperate for milk straight afterwards. But at bedtime she did have a really good, focused feed on both sides, which is pretty unusual these days (it’s usually just one side properly and perhaps a little nibble on the other while she drifts off to sleep). This is great though – a good sign that she knows her appetite and needs, but can go a little longer between feeds than I perhaps realised. Winner all round!


A couple of breakfast time videos to finish off with. I’m not sure why the scaling has gone all weird, but if you right click and choose ‘turn scaling off’, it seems to correct it!




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Hi! I’m a second time mum embarking once again on Baby-led Weaning. A couple of years ago, I blogged about our experiences introducing our son Daniel to foods with a BLW approach. Now our little Daisy is here, I thought I'd keep a record of how it goes this time around - just for fun!
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