The Last Post


So, a month and a half has passed since my last blog post, and I think this really sums up what I’ve returned here to say: I’m drawing to a close because there’s really nothing to report!

That’s not strictly true – there’s lots I could ramble on about, regarding the development of Daisy’s pincer grip, the progression of her different styles of getting stuff more efficiently and accurately into her mouth, lists of the many different things she’s tried, praise for how well she’s taken to drinking plain water from a beaker (something which I still struggle to convince Daniel about!) However, with regard to the main point of resuming this blog – to see what BLW is like the second time around – the main conclusion I’ve reached is that it’s much less of a big deal, you all just get on with it, and it’s really not blog-worthy!

To give credit to Daisy, this is helped by the fact she’s taken to it so easily. There have been no gagging dramas to report, no frustrations about her ‘not getting it’ or being fussy about what she eats. She just seems to enjoy whatever we put in front of her, and at eight months (today!) she is eating three solid meals a day with great independence, enjoying snacks whenever there’s a snacktime going on, has dropped to four breastfeeds per day (and at no point returned to night feeds), hasn’t had any digestive issues as far as we can tell, and she’s basically a pleasure to dine with!

I have a friend (who I think is one of the tiny handful of followers of this blog – hello!) who also has two children of similar ages to mine, and did BLW with her first. She explained to me recently that she decided not to go with BLW with her second because she just couldn’t be doing with the mess and the waste. I admit, there is just as much mess the second time, and a lot of waste again (though a bit less with Daisy I reckon, since she’s such an enthusiastic eater!) So I can totally understand that position too. At times when we’ve been in a rush to get out of the house on a morning, I haven’t quite been tempted to spoon feed Daisy, but I have only offered her foods that will be easy to clean off her hands and face!

So this is goodbye to the blog for this time around. Just two things to wrap up with. Firstly, to really recommend the recipe book by Rana Conway (Weaning Made Easy: Recipes) which has come up trumps many times in the past few months with meals and snacks we have all enjoyed. Secondly, to present in video format the point that Daisy has reached following three months on the BLW track: food theft from her brother’s plate, using a well-honed pincer grip!



About babyledweaningyork

Hi! I’m a second time mum embarking once again on Baby-led Weaning. A couple of years ago, I blogged about our experiences introducing our son Daniel to foods with a BLW approach. Now our little Daisy is here, I thought I'd keep a record of how it goes this time around - just for fun!
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